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aldersgate sg 2024

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Aldersgate SG is organised annually by The Methodist Church in Singapore to commemorate Methodism’s founder John Wesley’s experience of assurance by the Holy Spirit on 24 May 1738.


This annual series of events brings together the Methodist family to celebrate the values of compassion and discipline in our rich Wesleyan heritage, and be inspired anew to serve God through social action, evangelism and discipleship.

Aldersgate SG 2024

All good things come to an end or so the saying goes, but do they? What began as a revival movement within the Church of England, today, amidst uncertain times of climate change, war and flux, we cannot know for certain the future of Methodism.

In this year's lecture, our guest speaker Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun will look at what is happening among the Methodists in Singapore, the Methodist churches around the world and John Wesley's works to consider whether Methodism will simply fade away.


Bishop Dr Gordon Wong will also be sharing what it means to Love God by Doing Good to Our Neighbours during the Aldersgate Celebration Service.

More information can be viewed at the Aldersgate SG microsite:

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23 May 2024 - Aldersgate Lecture

All good things have to come to an end. Or do they? Methodism started out as a revival movement within the Church of England before breaking away firstly into multiple movements and then into multiple churches.


In these uncertain times of climate change, war and flux, what is the future of Methodism? Will we come to an end? If so, how are we likely to end? How should we end?

This lecture looks at what is happening in Singapore, in other Methodist churches around the world and also at John Wesley's works to consider whether, like the universe and old soldiers, Methodism will simply fade away.

Livestream can be viewed HERE.


24 May 2024 - Aldersgate Celebration Service

In a world filled with so much that is bad, many have lost any hope or meaning in life. What is the purpose and meaning of life on earth?

Let’s come together on May 24, Aldersgate Day to reflect on God’s good answer in Ephesians 2:10, and consider how well this answer resonates with what John Wesley said, the man whose experience of feeling his heart strangely warmed is remembered by Methodist Christians.


And we should not be surprised to see his answer resonates well with what Jesus said was the greatest principle or meaning in life: to love God with all your heart by loving your neighbour as yourself.

The video recording of the service will be shown on the Aldersgate microsite from 8 Jun 2024. Access the recording HERE

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