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CCMC Emergency Support Fund

The CCMC Emergency Support Fund is for dispensing rapid-response financial support to members and regular worshippers at CCMC who face sudden disruption in their income.

The guidelines for qualifying for support from the Emergency Support Fund are: 
1. The Applicant or a member of his/her household (“Recipient”) has recently
     i.  lost his/her job, or
     ii. lost 20% or more of their regular monthly income.
2. The resultant monthly household income is $1,000 per capita or less.
3. Household members must be living in the same household. 

4. The Applicant or Recipient is living in Singapore.
5. The Applicant or Recipient need not be Singaporean or Singapore PR.

6. The Applicant or Recipient is a regular worshipper at CCMC.
7. Application from congregants who are not on the membership ledger of CCMC, require one other member or regular worshipper to confirm that applicant/recipient is/are indeed a regular worshipper at CCMC.
8. Approved Applicant or Recipient will receive a one-time sum of $500 per household member, up to a maximum of $2,000.
9. Repeat application to this Fund made for the same Recipient household should be at least one year apart.

10. Application is subject to approval at the discretion of CCMC.

5. Membership Status

Thank you for your submission. We will get in touch with you soon.

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