9am Weekly On-site English Worship Service

9am @ Audi, L1 & L3

(250pax, vaccination differentiated service in 3 Zones to be seated up to groups of 5)
ONLINE SELF-REGISTRATION opens at 10am on Sundays. Valid registration required for attendance. 

FOR A SMOOTH & SWIFT ENTRY & EXIT, prepare for the following checks before arrival:
1. Valid Booking & Zone Check
2. Vaccination Status Check & TraceTogether Safe Entry check-in

3. SafeEntry check out when you exit the worship venue

211225_Audi Reminders.jpg


1.     Click on Registration Link.


Audi, L1 (Lower Gallery)- Zone A


Audi, L1 (Lower Gallery)- Zone A-1


Audi, L3 (Upper Gallery)- Zone B


2.     Please choose Registration by WhatsApp/sms rather than SingPass for easier retrieval of the Registration Pass during verification on-site.

3.     Registration of individual names for ALL Attendees is required (Children and helpers included).

4.     Upon successful application, a confirmation email and/or Whatsapp/SMS from SecureMeet will be sent to you. Links for retrieval of your Registration Pass will be provided in the message. DO NOT ACTIVATE the Registration Pass till you check in on Sunday on-site.

5.     The pass must be shown for admission. Save the SMS confirmation in your mobile.

6.     You may also call 9834-5669 during office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5.30pm) for assistance.

7.     ALL CCMC visitors must enter the building via the Central Screening Point at the Concourse, level 1.