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Criteria for Baptism and/or Church Membership

1. To be a membership candidate, you must fulfill the following attendance requirements in order to be eligible for reception into church membership:

a. Have been worshipping in CCMC (on-site) for at least 6 months  — AND

b. Is in a Growth Group and have already attended at least six sessions.


  • If you do not fulfill these requirements, you may still receive baptism, but will not be received into membership yet.

  • Should you fulfill the attendance requirements within 2 years of attending the Baptism & Membership (BAM) course, you may then be received into membership at a subsequent run of the BAM course. You would not need to  re-take the course again, although you are more than welcome to do so, should you wish.

  • If you fulfill the attendance requirement more than 2 years after attending a run of the BAM course, you would need to re-take the whole BAM course.

2. All membership candidates must attend the full course.

3. Transfer candidates, whether from other denominations or other Methodist churches, must attend the full course.

4. All candidates will receive and have to read ahead of time the prescribed Church Membership Manual published by The Methodist Church in Singapore.

5. All candidates will be required to have an interview with a Pastoral Team Member.

6. For those seeking Baptism only, are required to attend two sessions and have an interview with a Pastoral Team Member.

Baptism & Membership (BAM) Course Schedule

Details coming soon.

BAM Application Forms


To learn more about Baptism & Membership, click HERE for the FAQs.


For further enquiries, please email Lay Ministry Staff Yeo Hwee Lan at

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