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Our Outreach & Social Concerns Ministry (OSC) has a mission:


- To review and address the social concerns of the community and to create an awareness of these amongst the congregation;


- To serve as an avenue for Christians to do good works by opening up opportunities for them to help the sick, disabled, poor and needy, and in doing so, witness for God through this outreach.

Members can volunteer their time, resources and gifts through the following outreach events:

  • Bethany Methodist Nursing Home programmes

  • People’s Dialysis Centre programmes

  • Sembawang Family Service Centre programmes

  • Methodist Welfare Services programmes

  • Bursary awards

  • Foreign Workers Outreach

  • Financial Assistance programmes

  • Fundraising programmes

Put your faith in action and join us in God’s work!


Mrs April Ong, Outreach & Social Concerns Chairperson

Mrs Cheryl Kee-Giam, Lay Executive Staff


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