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sermon series 2024:
experiencing the spirit


CCMC will be embarking on an exciting journey of faith in January with a church-wide sermon series and book study from January to March 2024. Join us!

We endeavour to be a Spirit Filled to Reach Out, using the book Experiencing The Spirit: Developing a Living Relationship with the Holy Spirit by Robert Heidler.


We encourage everyone to purchase this book as a personal guide for the sermon series!

To Purchase The Book
Kindle E-Version

Purchase on Amazon HERE


The Christian life is not a set of rituals or teachings, but a relationship with God through His Holy Spirit. 

No matter how much you know about the Bible, no matter how strong your self-discipline, no matter how hard you try to serve and please God, if your relationship with the Holy Spirit is weak, the Christian life will not work for you. 

In Experiencing the Spirit, Heidler shows how God wants to unleash His power in your life, to bring you into a dynamic, life-giving relationship with the Spirit of God. 

We were given the Holy Spirit to make the Christian life experiential, to make Jesus real in our lives.


So stop struggling to survive from week to week and start living every minute in the power He has given you.

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